Glint and Glare Analysis

We can produce project specific solar glint and glare assessments to analyse potential impacts upon various receptor types

Glint and Glare Analysis

Although solar panels are designed to absorb as much light as possible and not to reflect it.  Glint can be produced as a direct reflection of the sun from the surface of the solar PV panel, and can be described as a momentary flash. Glare is significantly less intense in comparison to glint and can be described as a continuous source of bright light, relative to diffused light. This is not a direct reflection of the sun, but a reflection of the bright sky around the sun. Glint and glare may be an issue due to visual impact, viewer distraction or for aviation.

Our newly developed model tracks the location of the sun as it passes through the sky for every minute of a typical year. Using 3D reflection vector calculations we can anticipate the exact times and impacts of solar reflections on a variety of different receptor types and provide mitigation options if the impact is deemed too great.

All our project specific assessments will consider the surrounding environment and can be tailored to contend with any individual concerns, such as local residences, airports or transport routes. We are confident that our assessment process is the best in industry allowing us to reduce the level of assessment early on in the project and allow us to offer the service at a very competitive price.